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Obtaining a visa for  China , of  the India or  Cuba .


Recover an emergency visa for his tourist trip or his business trip can quickly turn into an obstacle course. Indeed, this type of administrative procedure is often tedious, requiring a long and stressful wait.

Applying for an online visa service, it reduces the time of delivery of your documents and thus gains peace of mind. By relieving yourself of the most restrictive procedures, you can calmly prepare your tourist trips and business trips.

Our service is simple and ergonomic: 


1 - You select the destination of your choice from the drop-down menu present on  the Visa-on-line homepage   and thus reach the destination card that interests you. Ex:  China


2 - After filling inthe conditions and the context of your trip, you will receive an email to which  we enclose your purchase order, as well as the official form (s) to complete your order to complete your file.


VISA INTER - Cape Elysee - 25, rue Ponthieu - 75008 Paris 3 - Return the duly completed documents


4 - Upon receipt of your file,  we will  send you an email  .

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